Race Information – Causeway Coast Triathlon 2017

Race Information


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Thank you for entering the annual “Velo-Culture”  Causeway Coast Triathlon – its going to be another epic!

Our race sponsors, Velo-Culture  and race hosts, Triangle Triathlon Club, want you to enjoy the race and to complete it in a safe manner. We hope that all your training pays off so that you can achieve your best performance and complete the challenge you have set for yourself. Please read the following race briefing carefully and follow the guidance given to ensure a safe and successful race for you and your fellow competitors.

The base for the race and registration are located at The Watersports Centre, East Strand Car Park, Causeway St., Portrush, Co Antrim.

We are indebted to all who have supported this event (competitors and support crew) and in particular to our race sponsors Velo-Culture www.velo-culture.com and Coucon Outdoor www.couconoutdoor.com.  We have also been fortunate to gain support from Wilson McMullen Architects who kindly sponsor the website, Coleraine Borough Council, the PSNI, Bann Wheelers Cycling Club, Stuart Tosh and his Draftbusters, and all the marshals and friends of the TTC.

Any queries should be directed to myself at info@northcoastphysio.com or phone 07780 686180 but the briefing should contain all the information you need.  Of particular note I would like to draw your attention to four things:

  2. The run route will be the same as last year.
  3. LITTER.  The North Coast has beautiful beaches and countryside and I don’t want The Triangle Club and Triathlon associated with litter louts!!  So if anyone is using gels on the cycle or run routes, once you use them you store them up your inside leg of your trisuit.  If the draftbusters catch you dropping them, you will be made to turn around and pick it up, end of story.  Anyway, nice people don’t drop litter so don’t be an eejit like the rest of the hallions that come down here!
  4. CAMARADERIE – I would like a competitive but friendly atmosphere so if you are passed or are passing someone offer some words of encouragement and then bust your ass to keep going and keep up or pass him/her!!  Sprint finishes to the line all the way…its good for spectators.

Thank-you for supporting this race……Enjoy It!!

Adam Wilson, Race Director 

2016 Promotional Video or Adam, Carl & Stevie’s bantre video!


For those of you who are coming down the night before and need accommodation, Portrush has a few hotels and loads of B and B’s.  Andy and Frankie Hill’s Portrush Townhouse Accomodation is an excellent option with secure bike storage.  Other than that, I suggest you looking on www.tripadvisor.com to select your choice of accommodation.  Albany Lodge www.albanylodge.f2s.com , Adelphi Hotel www.adelphiportrush.com , Antrim House www.antrimhouseni.co.uk are all really nice B and B’s that are all overlooking the east strand.  There are caravan sites along the Causeway Road from Portrush and on the Portstewart road out of Portrush that will take tents.!!

Portrush has lots of great restaurants and coffee shops.  For more substantial meals 55 North at the East Strand and The Wine Bar at the harbour are fantastic, offering great food, lively atmosphere and cracking views.  55 North also have a great wee café overlooking the east strand so friends and family will be happy enough.  The Arcadia at the east strand also has a good café with a children’s playpark and paddling pools right beside for those who are bringing kids.  There is also a “Ground” coffee shop on the main street.

For people who are bringing family/friends/kids, they’ll have a ball if it’s a good day!  Beautiful beaches, safe swimming waters, children’s areas/play parks and great places to eat and sit and have a pint.  There will be a DJ there too to contribute to the atmosphere so PRAY FOR SUN!! ALAN SIMPSON from Radio Ulster will be on the mike along with the one and only Peter Jack!


There will be sufficient parking available for all competitors in the East Strand Car Park which is adjacent to transition and registration. You will be directed to a designated area for competitor car parking.  Do not park on Causeway Street.


Registration will take place on Friday evening (the 16th) between 6pm and 8 pm and on the morning of the race (Saturday 17th) between 7:45am and 850am in the Watersports Centre, East Bay Car Park, Portrush, Co. Antrim.  Registration will shut promptly at the time shown (i.e. do not arrive 5 mins from registration closure – the registration staff are racing and will leave at the closure time to get ready for the race).

You must register in person (we will not allow anyone to register on your behalf). You must show your 2017 TI membership card and the photo must be attached OR a one day licence e-mail confirmation plus photographic i.d. NOTE: YOU MUST BUY YOUR ONE DAY LICENCE ONLINE IN ADVANCE. YOU CANNOT BUY A ONE DAY LICENCE AT REGISTRATION. NO LICENCE = NO RACE.

You must sign the swim declaration and take a goodie bag which should contain:

  • Your goodies (Surprise!)
  • A timing chip
  • Race number
  • Swimming Hat

You must wear the timing chip around your ankle and the race number should be shown at the rear during the cycle and at the front on the run.  If you have a TRI-BELT make sure you bring it.  Otherwise there are pins at registration.



Following the revamp of the East Strand, transition will be in the main car park, big and spacious.

Transition will be opened at 8:15 am and closed at 9:30 am.Marshalls will observe bikes and helmets on entry to transition to ensure they are roadworthy/safe. No finishers will be allowed into the transition area until the race has finished. Only athletes are allowed into transition.

The transition is designed so that there is no distance advantage no matter where you rack your bike. No boxes are to be left in the transition area and competitors should not mark their position by means of towels etc or any other items that may obstruct competitors. An official will operate within transition to ensure that all competitors have arranged their race equipment in a suitable manner (ie.not impeding other competitors).

Remember – T1: Bike helmet on before taking bike from rack. T2: Bike racked before helmet unclipped.

The exits and entries to transition will be clearly marked.


A race briefing will be held at 9:30 am adjacent to the start/finish gantry on the East Strand Beach. All athletes must attend this briefing as we may have to make adjustments to the course and other arrangements – you will pass through the start/finish gantry after the briefing and you will not register a time unless included at this point.  You should have familiarised yourself with the course, it will not be talked about in any great detail at the briefing.


Course Details


The race starts at 10 am sharp and is a mass start event. You will be provided with a swim hat in your goody bag and this hat must be worn by all competitors (even if you bring another hat to wear underneath). Wetsuits are compulsory and water temperature will be lucky to be above 12 degrees! You should wear a full wetsuit with shoulder cover.

The swim course will be two laps of a 750m rectangular course exiting onto the beach and performing a short run back through the start line and timing mat before entering the water again for another lap.  If you do not want to re-enter the water for the second lap, you will be asked to remain on the beach until the last competitor has finished their second lap.  At this point you can re-commence the race.

The swim start will be from a standing start on the beach and competitors will run into the water upon hearing the hooter.  Athletes must not enter the water until instructed by the race officials to do so (we will give you the opportunity for a short practice swim but you must follow the instructions of officials so that we control the length of time that anyone is in the water). Weaker swimmers should position themselves at the rear/side of the field to avoid the initial sprint at the start of the swim. You are advised to make full use of the practice swim to get your face in the water, acclimatise yourself and get a focus on your stroke.

We will have a safety boat and surfers / canoeists / RNLI lifeguards / jet ski to ensure your safety. If you are in difficulty or need assistance you should roll over onto your back and float with a raised arm and we will give assistance. Please obey the instructions of the canoeists etc.

The first leg of the swim should see a spacing out of the field but please be sensible at the turn buoys as some of the entrants are inexperienced swimmers and your consideration for your fellow competitors will be appreciated.

If weather / sea conditions are unfavourable, the swim may be shortened to one lap.  If conditions are really bad, we may have an alternative venue for the swim in the Harbour or if worst really comes to worst, a duathlon.


bike course
Your bike must be roadworthy and you must wear a cycle helmet. Draft marshals will be in operation. The course is such that ‘accidental drafting’ is unlikely – so don’t be offended if we laugh off such claims. The non-drafting rules will be explained at the pre-race briefing – this is a non-drafting race! We have recruited a team of specialist draft busters, who are both experienced race referees and experienced motorcyclists. Competitors found to be drafting will will have their race number taken and penalties will result.  At all times, it is the responsibility of the competitor to avoid drafting, and competitors should be familiar with the rules of triathlon in relation to drafting.

For more info on drafting see http://www.triathlonireland.com/index.php?id=107&nid=298

The bike course consists of an initial outward section to a triangular circuit which is completed twice before returning via the initial section in reverse to transition.  The actual distance of the bike course is 37KM.  Roads are not closed, so rules of the road apply.

On exiting transition T1 you will walk/run with your bike and will be directed towards the bike mount line. Upon leaving the transition area, you turn left onto Causeway St., this junction will be marshalled but again the rules of the road apply.  As you leave Portrush you pass straight through a small roundabout – you must give way to traffic. Although we will have marshals present, it is your responsibility to maintain your own safety – obey the rules of the road.

After the roundabout the Causeway Street becomes the Dunluce Road and you continue out past the golf club (on your left) to the beginning of two laps of the circuit (about 1.5 miles out from transition). To get onto the circuit you must turn right off the A2 Dunluce Rd onto B62 Ballybogey Rd. You must treat this turn with caution and give way to oncoming traffic and traffic coming from behind. Once on the triangular circuit all turns are left hand turns except for the final turn on Causeway Street back into transition (and the neutralised stretch to the dismount line).

The Ballybogey Rd climbs past the Royal Court Hotel(this hotel signifies the start/finish of the circuit – a point on the triangle) and at the top of the hill the road flattens out for approximately 1.5 miles. Take a left turn (second point on the triangle) onto Priestland Rd. B17 signposted to Bushmills. This road marks a long sweeping, predominantly downhill stretch into Bushmills where you can give it full gas or as we say around these parts “take er te cutout” or “gee er Dixie” or “keep er lit!!”  Whatever expression you prefer, just remember to “keep er between the hedges!!!”  Exercise some caution coming into Bushmills as there is a couple of churches and you may encounter some traffic. Also take care at Bushmills at the left turn onto A2 Dunluce Rd (thirds point of the triangle back towards Portrush).

This stretch of the cycle course from Bushmills to Portrush is fantastic, it includes long drags, sweeping descents and twisting turns with the road following the cliff and incredible views across to Dunluce Castle, Portrush Strand and Donegal. It’s a testing stretch of the bike course but make sure you enjoy it – it’s pure class. As you approach the end of the first lap (you will see the white rocks in the cliff) you turn left at the Royal Court Hotel back onto the Ballybogey Rd to commence the second/final lap. This left turn is effectively a hairpin turn so approach with caution and ensure that you are aware of traffic coming from behind and in front. This junction will be well marshalled but you must take responsibility for your own safety.

On completion of the second lap please proceed straight past the Royal Court turn directly into Portrush and to transition (take care entering the town and crossing the roundabout).

The bike course is safe as long as you act responsibly. Clearly caution should be exercised at all turns but you should take care as you enter/exit Portrush and Bushmills (as you are likely to encounter increased traffic near churches etc). Do not venture onto the wrong side of the road to cut corners on the coast road (it is popular with motorcyclists and you are asking for trouble).



The run course is the same as 2014 (except for the last leg on leaving the coastal road for white rocks beach) .  It will follow a figure of eight bringing you through transition allowing your friends, family and spectators to get a glimpse of you huffing and puffing your way around the course.  On exiting transition you will run back towards the town on the new promenade keeping the sea on your right.  You will follow the promenade up a wee hill towards Landsdowne on the footpath with the sea immediately on your right.  Head towards Ramore head, keep the tennis courts on your left, right hairpin turn up and over Ramore Head and back on yourself towards Transition.  Out the alleyway onto Causeway Street and then follow the bike course out towards the Whiterocks beach.  You will turn down towards the beach on the NEWLY CREATED COASTAL PATH that takes you down to White Rocks Beach avoiding the access road – see video!  Once on the beach you follow her all the way back to the FINISH.  YEE HAA!!!

Enjoy the new Run Course Video – look out for the surprise ending!!

Enjoy the new Run Course Video – look out for the surprise ending!!


You will have completed an iconic course and have become a Causeway Giant of Triathlon! Well done – a tremendous achievement.

You can download an A4 set of course maps by Clicking Here!course-maps-2014



Please note that there will be a water station at transition as you pass through it after completing the Ramore Head section of the run.  There may also be another at Whiterocks.  Athletes are responsible for ensuring that they will have enough to drink on the course (plan drinks on the bike and in transition). The run water station should be viewed as a supplementary drink – you are responsible for planning and providing your race nutrition.


An amazing after event buffet will be available from 1230pm in the upstairs of the Arcadia Building (follow the promenade beyond the Watersports Centre. The results will be posted on www.causewaytriathlon.com  on the evening of the race.

  • Prizegiving will take place at 130pm, if weather allows, over on the beach.  If weather is terrible it will be in St Patrick’s Hall, opposite the entrance to the carpark.
  • There will also be 8 or 10 random spot prizes to be given out at the prize giving.